Paying Medical Expenses After a Collision

Paying Medical Expenses After a Collision

Paying Your Medical Expenses After a Car Accident

Liability for an auto collision is tricky to navigate. A police report alone is not enough to satisfy an insurer, forcing it to pay you damages. Instead, you likely have to sue the at-fault party’s insurer and prove fault during settlement negotiations or a court proceeding. Unfortunately, you will not see any money from the claim until after a settlement is reached or a judgment is made, meaning your medical expenses are your responsibility. The uncertainty of such situations makes paying for and receiving medical treatment uncomfortable, making your recovery an apparent financial headache. Still, there is hope, and you do have options.

Using Personal Health Coverage

Personal health insurance provides an accessible and fast route to receiving the care you need after an accident. Most health insurance companies will cover your injuries following a collision, but they will expect repayment for the expense. The recovery of funds will often come from the settlement or judgment, but that depends on the outcome of your claim. 

Medicare or Medicaid

The government health insurance programs, Medicare and Medicaid, will cover any necessary medical expenses following an accident. However, like personal health insurers, you will be expected to repay accrued costs out of any settlement or positive judgment.

Personal Loan

If qualified, you might be able to receive a personal loan to cover medical expenses. However, not every person will have the necessary credit or collateral to get an adequate loan. 

If you do not qualify for a traditional loan, you might consider asking friends and family for some temporary help. Many times loved ones can provide a loan, especially when a settlement or positive verdict seems likely.

Personal Savings

You can always dip into your savings account to help cover some medical or recovery costs. While taking such action can feel uncomfortable because of the uncertainty of your claim, you can repay your savings account from your settlement.

Attorney Liens

Depending on the potential of your claim, an attorney might be willing to go lengths for you with hospitals and other care facilities. With the promise and management of an attorney, your claim becomes more reliable, meaning hospitals and doctors might agree to treat you with the promise of repayment upon settlement or verdict.

While it seems unfair that the at-fault party is not immediately responsible for your medical expenses after a collision, you have to prove liability. Attempting to fight your case on your own may prove difficult, so contacting a car wreck lawyer in Arlington, TX

from a law office like Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC may be beneficial for you.