Legal Defense for Extortion

There is nothing scarier than knowing that someone has the power to determine whether you can walk away as a free person, or if you have to pay the price. When you know that someone knows something about you that could potentially have your freedom taken away or can mess up your name, they feel as if they could make useless or significant threats. People have the tendency to do this usually because they want something from you. Whether it be money or honestly just because they resent you. You have the right to go seek a legal counsel to protect you and to reduce your chances of jail time, even though you can be blackmailed of something that is extremely incriminating.  

Every state government may vary with their laws on blackmail or extortion only if you can prove that person that is being accused threatened someone in order to be paid with money for themselves. The amount of reasons that a person may want to extort you is a handful. You might have an old friend that is incredibly jealous of you because you’ve grown to be successful and they haven’t. And since they’re so jealous of you, they will try to reveal the skeletons inside of your closet just to see that all of the success that you have has to be taken away from you. If you get into any form of argument or disagreement with that person, they could potentially take the bad things that they know about you and snitch on you, which can lead to an extortion or blackmail charge. If you were the person that was facing a blackmail or extortion charge, you and a pretty good criminal defense attorney can build up a good defense against the accuser.

 These types of charges can hit hard from both sides of the coin. The side from the blackmailer and the side from the prosecution with filing criminal charges against you. Neither are fun and both can lead to extreme stress. Always remember it is the prosecutions job to prove your guilt, and you and your legal defenses job to prove your innocence. Do not try to go through this alone. In the event that you or someone you know has been charged with a criminal defense due to extortion or blackmail contact a criminal defense attorney, like from The Lynch Law Group, as soon as possible. There may be several legal options available to you to build your defense and secure your freedom.