Were You Injured in a Bicycle Accident?

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Not only can a bicycle accident be painful, but it can also be deadly. On the road with little protection except for a helmet, any car that crashes into you while you are on your bike could cause you to spin out or go flying off of your bike. Even hitting pavement that is uneven, bumpy, or has holes in it could be dangerous when you are riding on your bicycle. If the person who hit you does not bother to stop, not only can this be frustrating, but it can make your chances of getting compensation for your injuries seem unlikely. 

What can I do to help my case after a bicycle accident? 

If the person who injured you is present at the scene, treat it like you would if you were in a car accident. If you are able to move, get to safety. Speak with the other party who was involved and get information like their: 

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Name of their insurance company and policy number
  • Car information

The next thing you can do to help your case is to get any information from any witnesses who were at the scene of the accident. If anyone saw the accident occur, get their contact information and see if they would be willing to speak with you or an attorney about what they saw. 

I was riding my bicycle down the road and the driver of a parked car flung their door open. Could this still be a legal claim? 

Absolutely. Even if a driver has parked their car on the side of the road, they still owe other motorists (and bicyclists are considered motorists) a duty of care. This means they must look to ensure no other vehicle is coming before they open their doors so that no one gets hurt. If you are considering working with an attorney, like a bicycle accident lawyer let them know exactly how the accident occurred. 

I was injured because the road was uneven. Do I have a case? 

The local municipality or city should ensure that the roads are safe for motorists and if there was a large pothole, a broken traffic light, or uneven roads, you may be able to successfully file an injury claim against them. Contacting a local attorney about your bicycle accident injury claim can help you if you are ready for these next steps.