Different Types of Damages in Personal Injury Cases

An accident can leave a person hurt, in debt and unable to pay for necessary damage repairs. When this happens, making a claim is necessary to get life back to normal (or as normal as post-accident life can be). A claim offers the opportunity to regain losses you sustained both during the accident and afterward. Things like medical bills that resulted from the accident are just as important as damage to your vehicle. Here are the most common things you can claim as damages in your personal injury case.

Medical Expenses 

If you’re seeking recovery for medical expenses in a claim, your injury was likely rather severe. Going to the doctor can cost a lot money, oftentimes more than most Americans have in their limited savings. You can claim medical expenses when you’ve received treatment for an injury caused by the accident. You should see a doctor quickly after the accident so you have proof linking your injury to the crash.

Lost Wages

A debilitating injury could mean being out of work for months. During that time, you’ll be losing valuable wages you would have normally been making. Not making enough money can set you back if you aren’t able to pay current medical costs and everyday expenses after the accident.

Property Damage

Property damage is probably what most people think of first when they think about submitting a claim. This is simply loss or damage to any property as a result of the accident. Vehicles are the most common form of property damage, but it could be other possessions like clothes, too.

General Damages 

These are harder to slap a monetary value onto, but they are just as important. Examples of general damages include pain and suffering, emotional trauma or no longer finding joy in things you used to. Since they are not physical objects with price tags, they can be challenging to prove in a claim. However, part of the point of a claim is returning you to your state before the accident, and general damages are a large part of that.

Determining any damages after an accident can be a trying time. You may have other pressing matters on your mind, but you shouldn’t let the opportunity to file a claim slip past. If you need help establishing a claim or understanding damages, contact a lawyer, like a personal injury attorney, at the Morales Law Firm, for a consultation. They can ease your stress and progress your case toward a better future.