Common Causes of Knee Pain

Experiencing pain in any area of the body can sideline you from going about your daily routine. When it happens in your knee, the pain may be worse, and you may suffer repercussions throughout other parts of your body. Find out what some of the top causes of knee pain are and how a practitioner might be able to treat them.

Knee Injuries

The most common culprit that causes pain in the knee is an injury. There are impact injuries caused by a fall or hitting a knee in an accident. Other times, the damage is caused by a twist. The knee consists of many parts that may become injured during an accident or incident. The ligaments that hold the knee together are prone to tearing if they’re twisted, while the kneecap may shatter if impacted.

Chronic Knee Pain

Some knee pain may happen without any real source. In these cases, you may experience variations in pain. Arthritis from the aging process may be the culprit. A previously undiagnosed sprain or strain may have caused scar tissue to develop, resulting in pain. Still, things like repetitive activities, such as running, may cause pain due to excessive strain.

Diagnosing Knee Pain

When you go to the doctor for a diagnosis, there are several testing methods available to help. The practitioner will likely manipulate the knee to check range of motion. The hips may also be examined for any issues with gait. An x-ray allows a view into the bones of the knee and may reveal a fracture or break. An MRI may be ordered if the doctor wants to look at the tissue surrounding the knee. This is best for diagnosing ligament strains and tears.

Common Treatment Plans

Depending on the diagnosis, your doctor may suggest you take medication to help with inflammation. You may benefit from a course of physical therapy. In other instances, surgery is required to repair the tissue or even fully replace elements of the knee. One intervention a doctor may suggest before proceeding with surgery is a spinal adjustment with a chiropractor. Depending on the source of the pain, this type of procedure can help realign the skeleton and set your gait back to normal. If your knee pain is chronic or repetitive, this may be an excellent alternative to prescription medication.

When you want to do without medication that may make you feel lethargic, your doctor may recommend therapy with a chiropractor, like a chiropractor from Lotus Wellness Center. These practitioners use various adjustment methods to ease musculoskeletal pain throughout the body.