Being an Advocate for a Nursing Home Resident

Taking care of aging relatives can be difficult. You may be unable to provide constant care at home; after all, you likely have to work to be able to support yourself and your family members. In some cases, nursing homes are the only viable long-term option. Family members may feel apprehensive about placing a relative in one of these facilities, but there are ways to improve the experience. The most important thing is that you remain an advocate for your family member throughout their life.

Monitor Daily Care

Things like feeding schedules, dietary restrictions and medication administration should all be monitored closely. There are also concerns like bedsores that can be signs of neglect. Bedsores are largely preventable, so it is important that immobile patients be turned at appropriate intervals. If you are able to visit your loved one in the facility, ask how often these tasks are performed. If your relative is lucid enough to give you this information, ask him or her about daily care.

Keep Up With Doctor’s Appointments

Many elderly people have chronic health conditions that need to be closely monitored by a physician. When dealing with so many patients, it can be easy for administrators to forget about your loved one’s necessary appointments. You should keep your own record of when appointments are coming due, and make sure that the facility has arranged transportation. If possible, you can also ask to go to the important visits; for example, you may want to be there when he or she visits a specialist.

Seek Legal Representation When Needed

Unfortunately, abuse and neglect are serious problems in some nursing homes. If you believe that your family member is being mistreated, it is important that you get legal representation for him or her. It can be a huge burden on families to place a relative in a home, and you expect the cost of care to equal high-quality attention. If you feel that the facility is practicing below the standard of care, contact a nursing home lawyer to find out what your options may be.

Although placing a relative in a home may be a difficult decision, it is sometimes the best choice for everyone involved. When you remain an advocate for your loved one throughout his or her care, you can be sure that he or she is being taken care of. Talk to other family members of residents for support and to find out what your rights are. Set up a consultation with a nursing home abuse lawyer, like the attorneys at Davis & Brusca, LLC, as soon as possible to find out if you have a claim.