Basic Information Regarding Your Chiropractic Visit

For someone who is new to chiropractic care, it could seem intimidating. If this sounds like your current situation, one of the best things you can do is contact your chiropractor to ask all the questions you’re looking for answers to. To get you started, the following is some basic information about chiropractors and chiropractic care.

What Is a Chiropractor?

One type of healthcare professional who does not carry a medical degree, but who still goes by the title of “doctor,” is a chiropractor. These professionals use manual manipulation of the spine to achieve greater health for their patients. With a focus on total care of the neuromuscular and nervous system, chiropractors are able to realign the spine so the patient feels relief of pressure, pain, and other negative health effects.

What Happens During an Initial Exam?

Your first chiropractic appointment may consist of an examination so the chiropractor can get an idea of what you’re trying to achieve. He or she may go over your personal medical history, as well as that of your parents, grandparents, and siblings. With this information, he or she can rule out any issues that may be the cause of your discomfort.

Your initial exam will probably also include a visual and manual examination of the spine. The chiropractor will be looking for abnormalities, areas that need extra caution and other issues you may not be aware of. If the chiropractor feels it’s necessary, he or she may order a urinalysis, blood tests, MRI or x-rays.

What Is an Adjustment?

When you speak with a chiropractor, you’ll probably hear him or her mention adjustments multiple times. A chiropractic adjustment is a quick, controlled thrust that puts pressure on a certain vertebra to move it back into place. You may hear a pop when the chiropractor adjusts you, but that’s just a release of gas from the joint, so it’s nothing to be worried about. Adjustments don’t hurt and are completely safe when handled by a professional.

Should Exercise Accompany Chiropractic Care?

In most cases, you can improve recovery and increase effectiveness when you exercise as a part of your care routine. Your chiropractor may recommend certain exercises for you to do at home, which will complement the work he or she does in the office.

Getting Started with a Consultation

If you think you might benefit from chiropractic care, there’s no better time to speak to a professional. Contact a chiropractor, like a chiropractor in Wheaton, MD from AmeriWell Clinics, today to get your first consultation scheduled.