Why Do Workers’ Compensation Claims Spike Seasonally?

If you’ve been injured on the job or you’ve been made ill at work, you may be feeling isolated as you begin your recovery. It is important to understand that you are not alone. It is estimated that nonfatal job-related injuries caused approximately 1.5 million workers in the U.S. to miss work in 2016 alone.

The fact that work-related injuries and occupational illnesses are so prevalent in our society is unacceptable. However, this fact should serve to underscore that you are not alone in your suffering. Millions of workers in the U.S. have weathered the kinds of challenges you’re going through now. As a result of the fact that workplace injuries and illnesses are all too common, the workers’ compensation systems in each state have gotten pretty good at processing and valuing claims under most circumstances. Of course, no two workers’ compensation claims are exactly alike, which is one of the many reasons why it’s important to consult an experienced lawyer, like a workers’ compensation lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, before submitting yours. However, there are some trends that help lawyers and workers alike understand why certain workers are hurt or made ill on the job at certain times of the year more frequently than others. This information can further underscore the reality that while you may understandably be feeling isolated right now, you are most definitely not alone.

Different Seasons, Different Risks

Depending on where you live, your state may experience significant swings in work-related injury and illness rates as the seasons change. Traditionally, in climates that feature significant temperature changes during the seasons, spring and autumn offer safer working conditions generally, while work-related injury and illness rates spike during the winter and summer months.

Some of the risks that workers face in the harsher months of the year are obvious. Winter months cause surfaces to become slick with rain, ice, or snow, which can cause slip and fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents, and equipment malfunctions. Surfaces can become so hot during the summer that they cause burns. Harsh temperatures during summer and winter can cause the body to overheat or to become hypothermic. Sun poisoning, frostbite, dehydration, and other temperature-related conditions can cause workers to suffer illness-like symptoms that may be dangerous in and of themselves or may result in careless movements that cause accidents. Other industry-specific risks tied to harsher weather may not be as obvious but can be just as dangerous.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you’ve been injured or made sick on the job, please don’t struggle with the harm you’ve suffered by yourself. Allow an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to evaluate your case and advise you of your options. Taking this relatively quick and easy step may make it much easier for you to obtain a workers’ compensation benefits award that is fairly valued and processed promptly. Like so many workers before you, you deserve every penny to which you’re entitled as a result of your job-related injury or illness. Call a lawyer today to learn more about your options.