Why a Divorce Attorney Is Necessary

It is always a good idea to have an attorney during your divorce. While both spouses may agree on everything preemptively, it is not uncommon for tempers to flare and negotiations to stall when getting into more specifics, especially surrounding financial assets, child custody and support payments. However, beyond the financial roller coaster of divorce, there are plenty of reasons to hire a qualified attorney, even if the process seems amicable.

1. Protection of Your Interests

Too many people want to rush through the divorce process. Whether the relationship was challenging or each person just wants to move on, flying through the divorce process is a mistake, especially if there are marital assets. An attorney ensures that you have thought out your divorce agreements entirely and that there are no loose ends. You want to make sure that you get what is rightfully yours; there is no reason to leave a marriage with less than that.

2. Negotiation Skills

Do you know the art of argumentation? Are you familiar with marital law? Lawyers spend years honing their argumentative skills and tactics, along with their negotiation skills. Also, those who are experts in matrimonial law know how a fair divorce should work. An experienced divorce attorney can make sure that negotiations remain fair and balanced throughout the divorce.

3. Success out of failure

A divorce proceeding, even amicable ones, can quickly fall apart when dealing with marital assets, especially children. Each spouse likely feels strongly about a child’s interests, but it is often likely that they do not agree on how the child should be brought up or how time should be divided between each spouse. An attorney can turn the custody process into a more relaxed negotiation.

4. Processing of Complex Information

Legal jargon is not the most accessible language to understand. While one spouse may understand everything the paperwork says, the other may need help deciphering terms and agreements. An attorney helps clients break the barrier between legalese and regular English. If you struggle to understand complex terminology and statutes, consider having a lawyer to make the divorce proceeding more understandable.

While working through a speedy divorce is often desirable, it is not always in the best interests of both parties. If you are unsure of the need for an attorney, consider contacting a divorce lawyer, like a divorce lawyer in Bloomington, IL from Pioletti, Pioletti & Nichols, and talking about your divorce and the potential benefits of hiring a lawyer to work your case.