What Is a Compulsory Medical Examination?

After you get hurt in an accident, you need to concentrate on getting better. To do that, you need to have access to the best medical treatment possible. Whether your injuries are temporary or wind up being so severe you require ongoing medical attention and care, the at-fault party’s insurance should be footing the bill. One of the requests of the insurance company may be that you undergo something called a compulsory medical exam or CME. Knowing what it is and what the outcome may lead to is essential in the claims process.

A New Doctor’s Perspective

If you are engaged in a lawsuit with an insurance company, one of the most common pre-litigation actions the other side will take is having you examined by their doctor or set of doctors. This is the CME. It is a complete physical examination and may include new diagnostic testing. One of the reasons the opposing side wants you examined is they want a more unbiased opinion of your medical condition and the type of treatment you may need going forward. They want to be sure the results are skewed by a doctor who may be working for you or your car accident lawyer.

Includes a Review of Your Past Medical History

The doctor will not only want to examine you but all of your medical records. This may include a review of the files from your private physician in the years leading up to the accident. They do this to determine if you had any predisposition to the injuries or illnesses you claim are a direct result of the car accident. They may then take this medical history and form their own opinion once they do their exam and medical testing on you. The report they compile is admissible in court and will be provided to both sides once it is complete.

May Include Investigation Report and Videotape

The insurance company is out to protect their financial interests. One way they do this is by attempting to discredit part or all of your claim. Often this means employing private investigators to follow you and to snap pictures and video of you doing tasks you claim you can’t. The reports and any evidence gathered by the investigator is also submitted as part of the CME. This way, the doctor can review your actions and see if they line up with the exam and what you claim hurts.

There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to a CME if your injuries are legit. Your car accident attorney may be able to explain the process better and how it may end in a better settlement for your case.