What Happens if I Get Hurt at Work?

No one ever goes into work expecting that is the day they will be injured. We know what to do, what not to do, and when to ask someone for help on the job. No matter how much prevention or awareness we exercise in our daily lives, a workplace injury can happen in an instant. All of a sudden you go from regularly going to work and enjoying a steady paycheck to sitting at home wondering if you will get the medical treatment you need and when you can go back to work so you can pay the bills.

State Workers’ Compensation Laws

Every state has recognized this issue and created their own workers’ compensation laws. These laws were created to ensure that individuals who are injured while working can receive the medical care they need, at no cost to them, and can have some money coming into their home while they recover.

Not every company must carry workers’ compensation insurance. Whether or not your company has workers’ compensation insurance is something you should discuss with your boss or HR department. If they do offer workers’ compensation, then you should have some piece of mind if you are injured on the job.

What Your Employer Should Cover

Your employer must cover all your medical costs related to the injuries. In most states, workers’ compensation laws include requirements that the workers’ compensation insurance pay a certain portion of your income while you are out of work disabled. Also, the injured worker can potentially be compensated for the lifelong effects of their injuries.

Know Your Rights

Workers’ compensation can seem simple, but is actually a very complicated area of law. Ensuring that your rights as an injured worker is extremely important. Consulting with an experienced lawyer early on in your case can ensure that your rights are fully protected. Remember, insurance companies have an interest in trying to close a claim for as little as possible. At times, that can mean the injured worker not receiving all the compensation or medical treatment they deserve. A workers’ compensation attorney can ensure you get what you deserve.

Don’t feel trapped by your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance company. If you are injured at work you should reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in your area. Having a lawyer, like a workers’ compensation lawyer, fighting for you can ensure that you receive all the medical treatment and compensation you deserve for being injured while working.