What Damages Can You Seek in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

In life, accidents can happen. Some incidents cause little stress nor inflict much pain. Other accidents can cause severe, widespread injuries, while others can even take a person’s life. In the latter tragic example, death may come because of another person’s neglect, disregard or deliberate actions to harm or kill. If a close family member’s death came by one of these causes, you should speak to a lawyer about your rights to file a wrongful death lawsuit. While this action can’t bring the person back, it can help bring you peace of mind, hold the offender accountable and give you the financial assistance you need.

Funeral and Burial Costs

As if saying goodbye to a loved one isn’t difficult enough, you may be left with hefty bills just to give this person a final resting place. Funeral and burial expenses can be significant, especially if you haven’t arranged these affairs in advance. A wrongful death lawsuit can seek damages to cover the money it takes to properly bury your loved one. Normally, the settlement will reimburse you for the money you have already paid since the settlement will almost certainly come after the burial and funeral.

Medical Costs

In an attempt to restore your loved one’s health and keep this person alive, you or other family members may now be responsible to pay a heap of medical bills. Car accidents, workplace incidents and other wrongful death situations can incur heavy costs. Your lawsuit may seek damages to pay for the full range of your loved one’s medical costs. These may include hospital stays, medication, medical equipment, surgeries and even miles you drove to get this person medical care.

Loss of Earnings

This type of damages is especially important for a surviving spouse, a partner or children. If your deceased family member supported you, his or her absence can create a lot of stress as you consider how you’re going to move forward financially. You can seek damages for the money your family member lost and will lose because of this wrongful death.

Loss of Companionship, Enjoyment

A skilled lawyer can help you file for damages to compensate you for emotional distress as well. The toll of losing a loved one can be debilitating. You may suffer from anxiety, depression or other mental challenges. Your lawsuit should take these factors into account.

Now that you understand what damages you can claim in a wrongful death lawsuit, speak to a lawyer, like a Newark Personal Injury Attorney, about how to proceed. Assistance is available during your time of need.

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