What Are the Possible Consequences of Traffic Tickets?

Many people receive traffic tickets for minor violations, including

  • Failure to display a registration
  • Failure to carry a license
  • Failure to repair a headlight
  • Failure to wear a seat belt

A traffic ticket can lead to a wide range of consequences from a blemished driving record to the following.

Payment of a Fine

The majority of traffic tickets are issued for infractions and come with fines averaging $150, depending on the issuing state. In addition to paying a fine, individuals accumulate points on their driving records. Points correspond to the numbers and types of infractions or violations committed. If you acquire enough points, you risk the suspension of your license.

Driving School Attendance

If you are concerned about points showing up on your driving record, your traffic ticket lawyer might recommend removing them by completing a defensive driving class. Doing so will eliminate your points, but it will not reverse a fine.

High Insurance Premiums Rise

Most auto insurers won’t penalize you for one ticket. However, if you receive more, you are subject to a separate point system calculated by your insurer. For example, a second violation within two years might raise your monthly premiums significantly.

Loss of a License

Your state’s point system determines whether or not you keep your license. If warnings and mandatory driving school attendance do not improve your driving record, you risk suspension of your license and must appear in court. It is advisable to have a traffic ticket lawyer represent your case because this will be your only opportunity to reinstate your driving privileges. Your license can be revoked for excessive or severe violations that potentially endanger others.

Jail Time

If you receive a speeding ticket, it is in your best interest to immediately pay the fine before it is due, unless you plan to fight it in court. Ignoring this type of ticket or failing to appear for your court hearing can lead to your arrest and possible jail time.

Jail time is a real possibility for anyone guilty of a misdemeanor, including driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), fleeing the scene of an accident, speeding in a school zone or other types of speeding and reckless driving that lead to  injury or death.

Most people who receive a traffic ticket do not wind up in court. If you find yourself in traffic or criminal court due to a poor driving record, you will need to consult with a knowledgeable traffic lawyer in Fairfax, VA, like from May Law, LLP.