Types of Business Law

Business law is a broad umbrella to describe many different legal specializations. All of them involve studying and being an expert in American business practices, but these specializations can vary greatly. If you are considering a career as a business lawyer, or if you are a business owner looking to hire a lawyer to help your business, here are a few different specialties to look 


Employment Law

American labor laws and protections for workers are one of the most important pillars of modern business law. Unions and workers have fought for centuries for laws that enforce safe working conditions, prevent exploitation, and protect workers from any form of discrimination. Because employment law is so extensive, business owners are advised to keep an employment lawyer on retainer who is an expert in the extensive, ever-changing employment law.

Antitrust Law

Freedom of the market is one of America’s more cherished capitalist ideals. Antitrust laws are designed to keep giant corporations from gaining a monopoly on any one market; these laws enforce regulations that promote greater competition. A business lawyer who specializes in antitrust law can help a business owner make sure their business is being run as ethically as possible, as well as providing protection from unfair practices by other companies.

Contract Drafting and Litigation

Writing and signing contracts is a key part of almost any business negotiation — from mergers and sales to hiring new employees. A business lawyer who is skilled and experienced in writing and negotiating contracts can help your business by representing your business’s interests when you enter into contract negotiations.


Filing for bankruptcy is a daunting, often humiliating process, but there are ways to use the system to your advantage. Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can give you an edge in court by giving you access to someone who knows the system inside and out. This could allow you to keep more of your property or get more of your debt waived, ultimately making this difficult process a little easier.

Intellectual Property

Copyright law is extremely important, and with the new digital landscape, it is poised to become an even bigger part of business operations going forward. You want to make sure that if you invent something, no one will be able to use it without your permission.

Hiring a business lawyer could help you in all of these areas and more. If you run your own business, consider hiring a lawyer, like a business lawyer, from Brown Kiely LLP, today.