Preparing a Will: What Do I Need?


Before your appointment with your lawyer to plan your will, you may be anxious and not know exactly what to expect or what to bring to the meeting. When estate planning, it is imperative that you have important documents such as bank account numbers, house deeds, land deeds and car titles. These documents can help your lawyer protect your assets so that they can be distributed according to your wishes after your passing.

Deeds to House and Land

Having a deed to your home and any land that you may own can be an important step in making your will. This information can allow your attorney to have this information ready for your inheritor, saving them from having to dig for this information during their time of grief. Any mortgage papers for homes or land are necessary to include in your estate planning as well, as many states include your debts as part of your estate.

Bank Accounts

Giving your lawyer a copy of bank account information can be beneficial when naming a benefactor for the account. When your lawyer has knowledge of all your checking, savings, and investment accounts, he can better understand what needs to be allotted to your descendants and how you want it divided. Also be sure to include any outstanding debts such as credit card debt or loans so that your lawyer has a clear understanding of the status of your estate at your time of death.

Car Titles

Although you may have many cars throughout the years, keeping this information on file with your lawyer can be useful when he goes to divide your estate among relatives at the time of your passing. When your lawyer has access to important documents like these, it makes it easier on your family, as they do not have to worry about finding all of these important documents in your house. Instead, they are safely in one place with your lawyer.

Estate planning can be a scary step to take. You may feel lost as where to begin gathering all the necessary documents for your estate, but starting with bank and accounts and property deeds is wise. Figure out what your most valuable assets are, and make sure that you have those prepared for distribution in your will. Make sure to stay in regular contact with your lawyer so that any changes to your will can be made as needed. If you are ready to start planning your estate’s future, contact your lawyer today to get started.


Source: Sacramento Estate Planning Lawyer, Yee Law Group