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Criminal Law

Often, if an individual is accused of a criminal offense whether they understand how they work or not, and no matter if they are innocent or guilty, they suggest lie detector tests to prove their innocence. Simply put, lie detector tests help prosecution determine whether an accused individual or even an accuser, is being deceptive. It is never in the best interest of someone who is facing criminal accusations to take a lie detector test without the presence or advice of a criminal defense attorney. These tests use the individuals’ heart and breathing rate, as well as their blood pressure to read through answers given based on questions administered during the test. The results that are given are used by the prosecution in their case against you. While this test can never be 100% accurate because nerves and anxiety can steer answers to produce inaccurate results, it does help create an approach for prosecution in the event that there is a trial. For example, if a test administrator asks if an individual was at the scene of a crime on whichever day, and the test taker’s heart rate goes up when they say “no”, this can lead prosecution to believe that is false. However, this question could have simply made the individual nervous because it is this answer that may determine their innocence or guilt entirely according to a crime victim compensation attorney from The Lynch Law Group.

Keep in mind, that anything prosecution requests of you is not to help you in your defense, but only to assist them in prosecuting you. Whether you are innocent or not, do not work with prosecution alone if you do not have to. It is best to do this because an individual who is not educated in criminal law may think everything that the prosecution asks of you is not required and will not be used against you. Polygraph test results can really be used against an individual in a negative way. Should you or someone you know be facing criminal charges and wish to take a polygraph test, or should a polygraph test be requested, be sure to speak with a criminal defense attorney before any decision is made. The right criminal defense attorney will be able to review the details of your case and advise you of if that is at all necessary, or if you are actually required by law to adhere to the prosecutors’ request. Speak with a criminal defense attorney before you make any decision that you cannot undo.