How Much Compensation Can I Fight for After a Car Accident?

After reporting a car accident to your insurance company and being offered a settlement much less than what covers your damages and losses, as the injured driver you may wonder exactly how much compensation you could actually fight for. With help from an attorney who has represented car accident victims before, you could potentially receive way more than the low ball offer your insurer offered. 

While speaking with your attorney during a consultation, you can get information about the various types of damages that are available to you. Depending on what you had to deal with after the accident, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for:

Can I receive restitution for all my medical expenses?

Many people have the incorrect assumption that only emergency medical care counts as a financial loss. If you had to pay for medication, x-rays, bloodwork, surgery, stitches, chiropractic care, rehabilitation, physical therapy, or any other form of medical treatment, then this can be added to the total of your damages and losses. Other examples of medical costs that you may be owed repayment for include:

  • Mobility devices
  • Wound care
  • Urgent care
  • Blood transfusion
  • Emotional trauma

Is pain and suffering considered a form of damages?

After the car accident, you may have endured quite a bit of pain and suffering, especially if your injuries were terribly painful and severe. You may have had to deal with discomfort and other symptoms during your recovery period. And while no amount of money can take away the past or current pain, it can provide you with a cushion so you can purchase what you need and be more comfortable. 

The amount you pursue in a claim for pain and suffering is based on the extent of your physical injuries. The more serious and long-term the physical harm, the more you may get in pain and suffering compensation. However, keep in mind that even if you had more minor injuries, you may still qualify for recovering a smaller amount. 

What if I have emotional stress, does that count too?

Yes, if you developed anxiety, depression, PTSD, or fears because of the vehicle collision, then you may receive a reimbursement for the mental impacts the car wreck caused you. If you had to seek therapy, start an antidepressant or other medication for mental health, then don’t be too shy to share this with your attorney. You may be able to recover damages for both physical and mental injuries. 

How do I know whether it’s worth my time to fight for more?

Sadly, a large number of people just accept any amount in a settlement from their insurance company without realizing they could be entitled to so much more. Many people do this because their insurer makes it seem like they don’t have a choice to negotiate for more, when that’s not the truth. Your car accident lawyer in Bloomington, IL can consult with you about whether it’s worth your time and energy to fight for more compensation. 

Thanks to Pioletti, Pioletti & Nichols for their insight into personal injury claims and getting compensation after a car accident.