How Can Spinal Cord Injuries Affect You?

A serious accident can cause spinal cord injuries that can have life-changing impact. Spinal cord injuries are of the most severe injuries a person can sustain. They can happen in a variety of scenarios and environments, such as auto accidents, construction site accidents, workplace accidents, and slip and fall accidents. Along with the physical impact, they can be expensive, since treatment and care options can include surgery, physical therapy, and home care. There are many ways a spinal cord injury can affect a person long after an accident. 

What is the function of the spinal cord? 

The spine is a sensitive and fragile part of the body, housing part of the central nervous system which is responsible for key functions such as movement, feeling, and sensing pain. Nerve signals are transmitted between the brain and the rest of the body. Like the brain, the cells in the spinal cord are unable to regenerate. Any damage to the spine can result in impaired or permanent loss of functions. 

What are the consequences of spinal cord injuries? 

A top personal injury attorney like one from David & Philpot, P.L. knows how spinal cord injuries can impact individuals. Depending on the extent and type of injury, recovering from a spinal cord injury can take years or the rest of a person’s life. They can impact how you go about your daily life, such as the activities you can do and the everyday tasks you can complete. Even simple movements can be difficult if you have a spinal cord injury. Severe cases can result in paralysis. People with spinal cord injuries often need assistive or adaptive devices or round the clock care provided by healthcare workers to move. 

Spinal cord injuries affect everyone differently. Some do not occur until a long time after the initial accident. Common symptoms that people with spinal cord injuries experience are numbness, inability to sense pain, limited mobility. They can be split into two categories: complete and complete. Complete spinal cord injuries refer to injuries where there is complete loss of function below the injury site, and both sides of the body are affected. An incomplete spinal cord injury is when a person has partial function, and can still feel in the affected area and move around. 

Legal Assistance Is Available

If your injury was caused by a person’s negligence, you should talk to a lawyer about your legal options. You may be able to recover compensation for the damages you suffered, including emotional pain and trauma. Contact a top personal injury lawyer now about filing a claim.