Five Steps to Finding the Therapist Who is Right for You

Deciding to attend therapy is a monumental decision. Most likely, deciding to go to treatment is a voluntary decision and one you are making to improve your life. To get the most out of this favorable decision, it is necessary to find a therapist that you mesh with. Granted, the two of you do not need to be friends, but there has to be a level of trust and openness. Therefore, to find the best therapist for you, consider the following five steps.

1. Research

First, you will want to do your research. Depending on your issues, you will want to find counselors with the appropriate training. For example, do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Do you have anger issues? Find therapists with the right qualifications. Also, look into pricing models. Not all insurers will cover therapy, so it is necessary to be aware of costs and rates.

2. Verify Credentials

Once you have compiled a list of five to ten therapists, verify their credentials. You can check with licensing bodies and regulatory agencies for your state. Also, you will want to ensure that the counselors you are considering have insurance coverage to protect you and them from malpractice or further trauma.

3. Check Experience

While you might have touched on experience during your research, it is crucial to pay attention to specific credentials and expertise to refine your list. For example, some therapists specialize in PTSD affecting soldiers, but there are also those specializing in PTSD affecting abuse survivors. Find a therapist who is specifically qualified to help you through your problems.

4. Use Consultations

Next, use free consultations if they are offered. The fact is, even with a refined list, you will not be able to find the right therapist without talking to a few. Some counselors are more empathetic, while others are more clinical. It is important to experience the varying styles to understand what you are more responsive to.

5. Don’t Settle

Finally, don’t settle. If you expect to get the most out of therapy, then it is crucial you find a therapist you can trust and communicate with. Don’t believe that there is no right counselor because there is someone out there who can help.

Therapy is an extremely personal journey, and you must trust your guide. A counselor is not some magical entity, they will help you work through your pain and problems, but they can’t wave a wand and make you healed. Contact a therapist in Palatine, IL to discuss your needs.

Thanks to Lotus Wellness Center for their insight into wellness and health.