Factors That Affect the Amount of Time Required for a Car Accident Settlement

Car Accident Lawyer

Most car accident injury cases settle out of court rather than going to trial, as a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN can attest This is usually beneficial for all parties; it allows the case to resolve sooner and removes the uncertainty that can result from litigation. However, there is still uncertainty about how long it can take to reach a settlement. Often, it is a matter of months, but it could take longer, depending on the circumstances.

Certain factors can affect the length of time it takes to settle a car accident case. Some may shorten the amount of time, while others may lengthen it.

1. The Dispute Is Personal for Either or Both Parties

When emotions get involved, the case can become more complicated, and the legal process can stretch on. The other driver may feel he or she has a score to settle, or you may see yourself on a quest for justice. In either case, it can take longer to settle the case than it would otherwise.

2. The Insurance Company Is Eager To Settle

Insurance companies would prefer to avoid costly litigation whenever possible. Therefore, the other driver’s insurance is often quick to offer you a settlement. If you accept the first offer, then the case could be resolved within a matter of days.

However, it is not recommended that you take the first offer because it is typically much less than what you deserve. The insurance company is out to make money for its shareholders, so not only does it want to avoid litigation, it also wants to avoid paying what your case is really worth. Holding out for a better offer can take more time, but it can end up benefiting you in the long run.

3. The Evidence Is in Your Favor

This may not always be clear at first; it may require some investigation to obtain the necessary evidence to support your case. The discovery process can take time, but once you can prove your case against the other driver, the settlement often proceeds quickly.

4. The Other Driver’s Story Changes

The other driver may lie to protect himself or herself immediately after the accident. However, the truth may eventually come out sooner or later. This often happens during the deposition, either because the other driver has a fear of perjury or just can’t remember what he or she initially said.

A fast settlement is not always to your advantage. It can be better to take your time and build a thorough case to be sure you get what you really deserve. 

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