Common Auto Accident Injuries That Can Lead to Lawsuits

Thousands of people get struck by car accidents every year. Car accident injuries are prevalent and far-reaching than most people encounter until they become a victim. The reason why people file a lawsuit for auto accident injuries is that they make sure the offender pays all of the victim’s injuries. You could also get compensated for lost work time, persisting pain, and others.

Brain Injury is a prevalent auto Accident injury, and this could be a result of nerve damage, bruising of the brain, and skull fractures. Traumatic brain injury can occur in different ways. In some cases, they aren’t apparent at all. The tests required to detect the brain Injury are costly. In most cases, doctors don’t prescribe them immediately, and insurance companies don’t cover them automatically. This, therefore, makes it a prevalent auto accident injury that can lead to lawsuits, so that the offender can pay all the treatment from his/her insurance.

The arms, hands, shoulders, and wrists are also common injuries in accidents. This is because accident victims tend to grip the steering wheel so tightly and actuate impact.

Fractured bones and shoulder injuries are common injuries in an auto accident. Loss of motion and physical therapy can reduce your state of life and lost time for you to work. A good lawsuit makes sure all treatment and aftercare are covered by the offender and not the faultless victim.

Back and Neck injuries are another common auto accident injury that could lead to lawsuits. This particular type of trauma starts from the temporary whiplash to the injury of spinal discs. The discs in one’s neck can rupture, herniate, or slip. This compression fractures or rupture can affect the discs in the lower and mid-back, resulting in permanent disability and will need a risky surgery.

Fractures and sprain of the lower body have a long-lasting effect that worth compensation by the offender’s insurance. One’s body could hit the dashboard or steering wheel if an airbag doesn’t deploy. If the victims relatively jam the brake pedal upon impact, they usually their harden the right leg, therefore leaving it exposed to injury. Recovery for lower body trauma usually is long, requesting casts, risky surgery, wheelchair or crushes (in some cases), and knee or hip replacement.

Other common car accident injuries include:

• Crush injuries; punctured lungs and internal bleeding

• Distress or post-traumatic stress

• Excessive loss of blood

• Head Injuries and concussions

• Injuries resulting in the amputation of limbs

• Neck, chest, and spinal cord injuries (whiplash, paralysis)

• Scrapes and cuts

If you’re a victim of an auto accident injury that has sustained a severe injury and excessive damage, it is necessary to know the required legal structure and get advice from a car accident lawyer Kansas City, MO relies on, like from Royce Injury Attorneys, so you can file a lawsuit. The aftermath of these car accidents is costly and has a significant effect on the victim. Filing a lawsuit will help ensure the victim’s complete treatment, loss of income, unbearable pain, and suffering are well compensated.