Can You Collect Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident if You Were Partly at Fault


Every time you hop on your motorcycle and hit the road, you have the responsibility to obey the law and drive safely. No driver is perfect, so, unfortunately, accidents happen. Many of these are minor and cause little more than some inconvenience. However, moderate or significant accidents can lead to devastating injuries, costly vehicle repairs, and physical and emotional distress. Drivers who are not at fault for the incident can collect compensation to pay for repairs and medical bills. In some cases, even responsible parties can be entitled to a settlement.

Completely at Fault

If you were riding your motorcycle at excessive speeds or not abiding by laws and driving regulations by running a red light or stop sign, or doing something else irresponsible, you may cause an accident. If an investigation determines that you were 100 percent the cause of the accident, you won’t be able to file a lawsuit or a claim for compensation. Also, if you were riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your medical claims won’t have any merit.

Partially at Fault

It’s possible that multiple parties could play a role in the cause of the accident. If you and another motorcycle or vehicle collide with one another, resulting in injuries or damage, and you both share the fault, determining whether you can collect compensation gets a little tricky. In some places, if you are 50 percent to blame, you can still file a claim and collect damages from the other driver. In another example, if an investigation shows that you had 25% percent of the blame in the accident, the court would reduce your settlement by 25 percent.

How to Know for Sure

It’s essential that you seek the advice of a skilled attorney who specializes in representing motorcycle accident victims. Your attorney will not only have the experience and knowledge to conduct a thorough and proper investigation, but this professional will also understand how the law applies to your particular situation. Your attorney can advise you on what to expect if you are partially culpable for the accident. With an attorney by your side, you can have the assurance that your rights and best interests will be protected.

Knowing your actions led to a motorcycle accident can be a difficult matter to bear. You shouldn’t despair, however. There could be a chance you could still be awarded payment for damages. Speak with an accident attorney today and get a fair, honest review of your case.


Source: Personal Injury Lawyer Trenton, NJ, Davis & Brusca, LLC