Key Steps in Filing Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Navigating legal issues can be tricky, especially if you are inexperienced in such affairs. Mix in significant injuries, and you have a complex situation on your hands. If you have been injured in an accident, and someone else was liable for hurting you, it’s critical that you follow the right steps to begin a case. Working with an attorney is vital, but there are also things you can do immediately after your accident before you even meet with a lawyer.

Cooperate with the Authorities

In many types of personal injuries, first responders will arrive on the scene. This includes police officers, who will investigate the cause of the accident, and emergency medical technicians, who will examine your injuries. Allow the police officers to look over the scene. Answer their questions truthfully and accurately. Remain calm, and be civil to the other parties in the accident. Officers will provide you with a copy of their accident report. You can provide this to your lawyer when you hire one.

Seek Medical Attention

Regardless of the nature of your injuries, make sure you visit a doctor as soon after the incident as possible. Some people make the mistake of putting off such a visit, thinking their injuries are too minor. However, some symptoms may not show up for several days or weeks after the accident. A doctor will thoroughly examine you and conduct the necessary tests to give you a proper diagnosis. A record of this visit will be critical as you build your case. You are much less likely to have a valid case if you fail to go to the doctor.

Gather Your Own Evidence

Before you hire a lawyer, feel free to do your own investigation. Talk to witnesses and record their accounts of what happened. Take photos of the accident scene and your injuries.

Meet with a Lawyer

If you believe your case has merit, discuss it with an experienced attorney, like a personal injury attorney from David & Philpot, P.L. Most attorneys will do a free consultation. If the attorney believes you have a legitimate case, he or she will guide you in the process of filing. Your lawyer will know how to file, what to file, and when you must file. Your lawyer will also be at your side for any court appearances.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit can be a daunting task. However, if you follow these guidelines, the process can go much more smoothly for you.