How to Prevent Road Rage Incidents

Anyone who has ever been behind the wheel knows what it’s like to feel the frustrations of the road. Having other drivers cut you off, tailgate you or drive recklessly can easily make you angry. Your first instinct might be to retaliate and do to the other driver what he or she just did to you. You just may get a case of road rage. The problem is, road rage is a leading cause of accidents and injuries. It’s important to follow some guidelines for staying calm and collected in the driver’s seat.

Plan Accordingly

Time is one of the biggest causes of road rage and the accidents that can result. When people are rushed for time, they are more likely to speed, weave in and out of traffic and become impatient. You don’t want to fall into this trap. While you can’t avoid all delays, you can do things to minimize the chances of feeling rushed. Leave in plenty of time for your appointment, meeting or planned arrival. Decide which route will get you to your destination as quickly as possible with the fewest amount of delays. If the weather is poor, add extra time in your trip.

Ignore Angry Gestures

If a motorist is upset with you, this person is likely to give you a dirty look, give you the finger or shout incessantly at you. It’s best to be a grownup and dismiss any insults or childish behavior. If someone pulls up alongside you to say or do something rude, simply ignore the person and move on with your day. Engaging in angry antics will only escalate the road rage situation.

Know When it’s Time to Let the Driver Go

If some impatient driver is tailgating you, is trying to get around you or wants to squeeze in between you and the car in front of you, generally allow an angry driver to go where he or she seems so intent to go. Purposefully blocking someone’s way will only make the driver more upset.

Easy on the Horn

Your car’s horn can be a useful tool for defensive driving. When necessary, use it to get someone’s attention or to avoid a collision. However, don’t use the horn too frequently, especially long after the initial incident has passed. Don’t honk the horn to express your displeasure.

These tips can help you stay calm as you drive. They will also keep other drivers more effectively manage their road rage.

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