Facts About Wrongful Death Claims

If someone you love recently died as the result of someone else’s actions, you may be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recover damages due to the victim’s death. In your time of grief, hiring a lawyer may be the last thing you want to do. However, a qualified wrongful death attorney, like a wrongful death attorney in Lakeland, FL, will be able to help answer important questions that you may be left with following the passing of your loved one.

What Is a Wrongful Death Claim?

As stated by law, a wrongful death occurs when someone dies as a result of negligence.  Negligence includes doing something that a reasonably careful person would not do, or failing to do something that a reasonably careful person would. Most people who would qualify for a personal injury lawsuit, but died as a result of the injury instead, would be considered to have had a wrongful death. A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against the responsible party by remaining family members to seek money for damages as a result of the wrongful death.

Will You Have to Go to Court?

While any lawsuit may be subject to court proceedings, many wrongful death cases are, in fact, settled before going to trial. This is where hiring a skilled wrongful death attorney can increase your outcome of avoiding a trial.

Trials are long, costly, and can be traumatic. There are many reasons you may want to avoid going to court. An experienced wrongful death attorney with a track record of success may be able to help you receive the maximum compensation out of court.

How Long Do You Have to File a Lawsuit?

There are certain time limits you must abide by to file a wrongful death claim. As a matter of fact, if the proper paperwork isn’t submitted by the right person within the time frame, the whole case could be lost along with the monetary compensation. While several factors may determine the timeline for your case, an experienced wrongful death attorney will be able to give you accurate information regarding the timelines applicable to your case. Not only that, but handing the responsibility over to a lawyer will give you a chance to grieve properly without the burden of filing a claim on your own.

If you have been affected by the wrongful death of a loved one, contact a wrongful death 

attorney in your area to discuss your options. If you want to settle out of court, make sure to tell them that during the initial meeting.
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