Bicycle Personal Injuries That Result in Dental Injuries

When you are riding a bike, you may feel that this is an extremely safe form of transportation. Especially if you ride frequently, you likely know your daily route very well, wear a helmet, and know to follow the rules of the road so that you are respectful to other pedestrians and vehicles. However, the concern may not be with you at all. Instead, even if you are following all of the proper safety procedures you may still be a victim in a personal injury accident. This can happen when other motorists on the road are driving negligently and not paying attention to bicyclists, or it can happen even out of resentment that motorists must share the road with bicyclists. Whatever the reason, bicycle accidents caused by other motorists can be severe, and some of the most common injuries that occur are dental injuries. This happens because bicyclists do not typically wear mouth safety gear. If you were injured on your bicycle and have dental damage, please contact a dentist to see how they can help.


Why are dental injuries common?

When a bicyclist is thrown from their bike after being struck by a car, they typically go straight toward the ground or toward another object. This can also happen when a bicyclist brakes hard when attempting to avoid a collision and is thrust forward, over their handlebars, and hits the ground or an object. While your head is likely protected from most of the force that occurs after you strike an object, your chin and mouth are left unprotected, and this can cause serious damage to your mouth that may even result in disfigurement.


What are some of the most common dental injuries?

After you have been in a bicycle accident, some of the most common injuries that occur are:


  •     Chipped/ Broken Teeth
  •     Fractured Teeth
  •     Displaced Teeth
  •     Avulsed Teeth


Why is it important to seek help from a dentist after your accident?

You do not want to wait to get help from a dentist after you were in a bicycle accident. Almost everyone knows that one of the most important things you can do after any type of personal injury is to see a medical professional immediately. Most people rush to the doctor to get any necessary medical examinations and treatments done as soon as possible, but they might not rush to see their dentist. However, dental work can be extremely expensive, and you will likely not get your injuries fixed after one visit. When you speak with your dentist, they can help evaluate your dental injuries just like a doctor would evaluate any other body injuries, and they can give you the documentation you need when you submit your lawsuit or personal injury claim. This can help when you want to make claims for damages like pain and suffering, disability, or lost earnings.


If you were recently in a bicycle accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you should seek medical help from a cosmetic dentist as soon as possible to assess your injuries and establish a treatment plan. 


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